Best Arrowhead Hunting Books For 2017: Top 5 Arrowhead Books

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Best Arrowhead Hunting Books For 2017

If you enjoy hunting arrowheads or collecting other Indian artifacts, one of the best things you can add to your arrowhead collection is a solid reference book.

If you’re a beginner, you may be wondering where exactly to start looking for Indian arrowheads. Or maybe you’ve already found your first few artifacts and now you want to learn more about arrowhead identification. Either way, a quality reference book can answer many, if not all of the questions you’re seeking answers to.

There’s no better time than now to grab a good book about hunting Indian arrowheads and begin planning your next arrowhead hunting trip.

Below is a list of the highest recommended arrowhead books I’ve been able to find.  Of course there are others, but I’ve also taken into consideration what the cost of these books are to you. The books I’ve listed here are not only full of information and tips for hunting arrowheads, but they are also very affordable.

I hope you find this list of the best arrowhead books helpful!


Arrowhead Adventures the Ultimate Guide to Indian Artifact Hunting

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Kindle and Paperback


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“Between paying the light bill and raising a family most people find it impossible to reach the level of expert artifact hunter, simply because they do not have the time to develop the initial knowledge base. Without this knowledge base you will fail more than you succeed.

Few people have the wherewithal to get past these difficult first years. Within my book lies the salvation of every aspiring expert. I have developed a modern school of Indian artifact hunting and condensed this knowledge on these pages.

Arrowhead hunting theory and technique found here will allow you to bypass these most difficult first years, and operate with the knowledge base of an expert arrowhead hunter, within the time it takes you to read and understand this work.”


The Official Overstreet Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads, 14th Edition

The best book about arrowheads and how to hunt for arrowheads


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Are you looking for insight, understanding, and page after page of information? If so, let the dean of arrowhead collectors, Robert M. Overstreet, take you on a guided tour of this exciting hobby and the history it represents in The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide, Fourteenth Edition!

This newly revised edition is packed with thousands of photographs of arrowheads from all over the United States, including Alaska. Illustrations guide the reader to the understanding of arrowhead types, manufacturing, grading, materials, and more. It is a hands-on education to everything about arrowheads all in one book.

For almost three decades, there has been only one authoritative resource for experienced enthusiasts and beginners alike. Collectors, dealers, and historians agree: The Official Overstreet Indian Arrowheads Identification and Price Guide is the best book of its kind!

• More than 12,000 actual-size photographs covering hundreds of point types
• A full color section with photographs of some of the finest points
• Special sections on how to grade, identify, and catalog your points
• Revised pricing to reflect the current marketplace
• Large format
• Featuring 10 geographic sections
• Includes an expanded tour of the Museum of Native American History
• An introduction to arrowhead hunter-collector “Turtleman” who is the star of the Animal Planet TV series Call of the Wildman
• An inspiring look at several collectors and their personal collections


Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts, Third Edition: A Practical Guide for the Amateur Archaeologist

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Kindle and Paperback


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This practical, down-to-earth guide for surface collectors of arrowheads and stone artifacts is designed especially for amateur archaeologists and people interested in learning how to study and collect artifacts safely and responsibly. The author reveals invaluable tips on: where to look for artifacts; how to identify artifacts; where surface collecting is permissible; starting and caring for your own collection. With more than fifty new photographs and illustrations of common and rare artifacts, this book is the perfect addition to libraries of amateur archaeologists thirsty for knowledge about preserving and interpreting the remains of a prehistoric culture.


Arrowheads: A Beginner’s Guide

arrowheads a beginners guide the best arrowhead hunting book about hunting for indian arrowheads


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How were Native American arrowheads made? Where can they be found? How were they used? This book answers all these questions and much more. This new edition has valuable info for the beginning collector, artifact replicator, and arrowhead hunter, including tips on how and where to find your own artifacts, illustrated segments on the anatomy and life cycles of arrowheads, and a comprehensive glossary.

Also included is a beginner’s introduction to how flint arrowheads were made (with both ancient and modern flint knapping tools – including heat-treating, water treating, pressure flaking and percussion flaking, helpful hints, notching, fluting, and much more). It contains info on making other types of non-arrowhead artifacts as well.

There is also a section on arrowheads made from other types of materials (including bone, antler, metal, wood and more). Also featured are some common types of replica and fake flint arrowheads, which all beginning arrowhead collectors should beware of, before purchasing.

There is even a short price guide for the prospective arrowhead buyer. In addition, there is info on how arrowheads were mounted and used in arrows, atlatl darts, knives, spears, blowgun darts, and even drills. Info is also included on displaying, cataloging your collection in creative ways, and even how to illustrate your own arrowheads. This primer makes an excellent introduction for any beginning arrowhead enthusiast!


Yes, You Can Find Arrowheads!

best arrowhead hunting book yes you can find arrowheads by bill coleman

Kindle and Paperback


According to the description for this book, the author of this arrowhead hunting book is confident that after reading his book, you’ll have the knowledge to find arrowheads. He goes on to say that the only reason you may not find them is because of not having enough time invested to hunt arrowheads.

He goes on to say that with enough time and enough good locations to hunt, anybody can find arrowheads. In this book, you will be shown how find those good places. It will teach you the basics of hunting for arrowheads in an easy to understand, step-by-step way.

“Find your first arrowhead and you will know why so many are addicted to this hobby.”