The Best Arrowhead Display Case For Your Collection: It’s Not Just Another Shadow Box

collection of native american indian arrowheads were made out of many different kinds of stones and rocks.
(credit: Jeffrey Beall) Multiple types of stone used to make these arrowheads.

The Best Arrowhead Display Case For Your Collection: It’s Not Just Another Shadow Box

There’s nothing more frustrating than being the proud owner of a beautiful collection of Indian arrowheads and not being able to proudly show them off. And what’s even worse…if you can’t remember where you put some of your arrowheads. Now that’s the ultimate frustration!

Thankfully there’s a way all of us can keep our arrowhead and Indian relic collections safe and sound, and proudly on display. It’s easily done by having the right display case for your arrowheads. I know many of you build your own shadow boxes for your arrowheads, and that’s great. I have too. But not everyone’s in a position to be able to build their own arrowhead case.

The good news is, getting your hands on a high quality display cases might be much easier than you thought. And you don’t have to ask a neighbor or a friend to build it for you.

In this post, I’m going to show you some of the best display cases for arrowheads and other ancient Indian relics that you can get your hands on to proudly display those arrowheads, without stacking the cases so no one can see them!

What To Look For In A Good Arrowhead Display Case

Not all arrowhead shadow boxes or display cases are made equal. I’ve seen some that are so bad I wouldn’t spend a penny on them. While other cases have been such high quality, I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to afford it!

So here are a few things to keep an eye out when looking for a good quality arrowhead display case to show off your collection.

A Snug Fit

Make sure that the display case or shadow box that you buy securely holds your arrowhead points. There’s nothing more aggravating than positioning all of your points exactly how you want them, close the cover, then have them slide all over the place once you stand the display case up.

For a tip on how to prevent arrowheads points from moving in the display case, read through the tips section in this post.


The Foam

Believe it or not, but there are some manufacturers out there that sell display cases for your arrowheads without ever knowing how an arrowhead even fits in the case.

Make sure you buy a display case that has a high quality and thick foam backing. If the foam is too thin, the arrowheads, or other relics, won’t stay in place.

Also, if the foam backing in the display case is too thin, it offers less protection for your points in the even the display case falls.


Integrated Stand/ Hanger

Everyone likes to display their artifact finds in different ways. So make sure that the case you buy has the ability to be propped up, or stand up on a flat surface, or able to be hung on the wall.

To check for this, simply look on the back of the shadow box or display case. To stand, it should have something that looks similar to the back of a picture frame.

To be able to hang the case on the wall, the box or case should have some sort of bracket built onto the back. The best ones will give you the option to use as a wall mount arrowhead case or to be stood on a flat surface.

The Best Display Cases For Arrowheads And Indian Artifacts

Below is a review and look into some of the best quality display cases and shadow boxes to proudly display your arrowhead and artifact collections.

Best display shado box case for Induan arrowheads and collectionsCheck Current Price

This display case was designed for one thing…to display arrowheads. The soft foam backing is the perfect size to gently press against the arrowheads against the glass and hold them in place. You also have the option of choosing between a green or black matted background to create the perfect display for your arrowhead collection.

What I like about this arrowhead case is that it’s made out of solid beechwood and is sanded multiple times to give it a very nice, smooth finish.

This case also comes with metal brackets on the back that allow it to be wall mountable.

The display case comes completely ready to use. There’s absolutely no assembly to do on your part. Simply arrange your arrowheads or relics how you want them and start showing them off!

Arrowheads of all different sizes STAY IN PLACE
Excellent quality and well constructed
Beechwood is well finished
High quality, well fitting foam backing
Works great for other collectibles like knives and other stone tools

Not a large display case. Measures 12”H x 10”W x 2 ¼”D
Only 2 colors for backing to choose from. Black and Green


Best Hand Made Arrowhead Display Cases: Made By Two Timbers, LLC.


Best display case for Indian arrowheads and artifacts

Check Current Price

These hand built arrowhead display cases built by Two Timbers, LLC are some of the nicest looking and best highest quality display cases designed for arrowheads and other collectibles.

The frames on these display cases made by Two Timbers are constructed from solid oak. Options include natural or frames stained with a cherry finish. Both of which results in the most beautiful frame on the market to display your arrowhead collection.

The foam that comes with it is a charcoal color which contrasts incredibly nice against the color of the cherry finished wood frame. The charcoal color foam also contrasts nicely against your arrowheads that are on display.

The corners on theses display cases are some of the strongest, if not the strongest, on the market today. The method used by TwoTimbers to join the corners utilizes three different wedges at each corner. The result is unmatched
superior strength.


  • Multiple sizes and stain colors available
  • Hand built in Southern Indiana
  • Superior quality construction
  • Solid oak frame and built to last
  • Works for displaying all kinds of collectibles



More Hand Made Arrowhead Display Cases


best arrowhead display case shadowbox

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2″x10″x12″ best shadow box display case for arrowheads and artifacts collection

Check Current Price



arrowhead display box

Check Current Price


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