Best Gold Pan For 2018

best gold pan

Best Gold Pan For 2018

Whether you’re a new gold prospector or you’ve been at it for years, choosing the right gold pan is something you should make sure you do right.

You may have heard the stories of the old timers that used cast iron frying pans to pan for gold, and it actually worked. Well, you might get lucky with that kind of set up, but any seasoned gold prospector will tell you that you will miss the gold.

Gold pans are generally quite inexpensive, are very affordable and at a glance, kind of all look alike. That’s part of the reason prospectors are apt to over look the importance of selecting the best gold pan that’s available. Fact is, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are actually some pretty significant differences.  Differences that can cost you gold if your don’t have them.

That is why it’s very important to take the time to choose the best gold pan for you and your needs. By taking this little extra time, you will not only significantly increase your odds of finding more gold, but you will have much more fun while you’re out panning for it.

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Choosing the Best Gold Pan For You

One of the first things to consider when looking for the best gold pan for you is the size of the gold pan. If you’ve done any search for gold pans you’ve probably seen that they come in many different sizes, usually between 10 and 18 inches. The key is to find the right size for you.

It’s not uncommon for beginner gold prospectors to go out and buy the biggest gold pan they can find. The problem with choosing a large pan as a new prospector is that it will be uncomfortable, cumbersome and just more difficult to use as a beginner. As you can imagine, a large 18 inch gold pan can get very heavy when its full of gravel.

Best Gold Pans For 2018

The best size gold pan for most people are the medium size pans around 14 to 15 inches.  Remember, the smaller the pan, the lighter and more maneuverable it will be while you’re out there panning. The key to choosing the best gold pan for you is to choose the one that will be most comfortable for you.


The Garrett 15 inch Gold Pan

best gold pan
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Without doubt, the Garrett 15 inch Gold Pan is the best gold pan available today.  This gold pan is also the most popular in the gold panning community. It is a workhorse of a gold pan and is very durable.  Many people will also use it as a bucket because of its durability.


The Garrett 10 inch Gold Prospecting Pan

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The 10 inch Garrett Gold Prospecting pan is just as durable as the 15 inch gold pan. The difference is that the 10 inch is a much smaller gold pan, making it the best gold pan for children and smaller adults.


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The most important thing to remember is that panning for gold should be fun. And the fun starts by choosing the best gold pan for you.  Once you get your hands on the right gold pan, all you need to do is get out there and start panning.  With a little effort, you’ll soon be showing off golden evidence of your hard work.

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