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Recover More Gold With The Best Sluice Box

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Recover More Gold With The Best Sluice Box

If you’ve been panning gold for any period of time, you may find that it’s time to move on to using a sluice box.

A sluice box is a very common tool used by new and seasoned prospectors to find gold. They’re designed to be used in a stream or a river and have been used all over the world for centuries.

If you want to see a quick run down on how a sluice box works, read my post How To Use A Sluice Box.

Which Sluice Box Is Right For You.

There are many different kinds of sluice boxes available, and all of them are capable of helping you find gold. As a matter of fact, making your own sluice box is a pretty simple process that anyone can do. But buying a modern sluice box that’s made out of lightweight material and built to last will pay dividends in no time.

The thing to decide is which sluice box is right for you. Are you a beginner prospector? Or are you experienced and moving a lot more material? I having a portable sluice box important or will you be set up in one spot?

There have certainly been improvements since the first sluice boxes, but the overall concept of how a sluice box works has not changed. Sluice boxes are excellent tools for today’s gold prospector who wants to clean approximately 5 to 10 times more material than using a gold pan.

Gold Sluice Product Chart

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Gold Sluice Box Reviews

1. Stansport Aluminum Sluice Box (Top Pick)​​

This portable aluminum sluice box by Stansport is the perfect tool to power through large amounts of gold-containing material in short periods of time. 

All you have to do is use rocks and dirt to position the sluice box in the current of the river or stream so water runs across the top.

Once in position, simply place material into the sluice in the path of the flowing water. The current will move the material across the gold sluice, concentrating it down to only fine gold!

The Stansport sluice box is made of lightweight aluminum and is incredibly easy to transport with its integrated carry handles. The removable rifles and expanded metal mesh are designed to trap the smallest bits of fine gold.

The sluice box measures approximately 24” long. If you feel you need a step up from gold panning, try thisAluminum Sluice Box, and find more gold!

Features Of The Stansport Aluminum Sluice Box

  • Easy carry handles
  • Lightweight aluminum box construction
  • Efficiently concentrates large amounts of material
  • Removable rifles and expanded metal mesh capture even the smallest gold flakes
  • Fun and educational
  • Lightweight aluminum box construction
  • Efficiently concentrates large amounts of material
  • Removable rifles and expanded metal mesh capture even the smallest gold flakes
  • Fun and educational

2. Royal Folding Backpack Sluice Box (Best Portable Sluice Box)

How many times have you been on a hike deep into the woods or down at the bottom of a ravine and thought to yourself, man this would be a great location to run my sluice. Well, now there’s no reason you can’t. With this  portable folding backpack sluice box made by Royal, you can now easily prospect gold in those out of the way locations.

Features Of The Royal Folding Backpack Sluice Box

  • Well constructed product that will fit into a standard sized backpack or five-gallon plastic bucket
  • Easily opens/unfolds from a compact portable sluice into a full size sluice box.
  • Folding and self locking
  • Lightweight and excellent as a backpacking sluice box.

3. Le Trap River Robber Sluice Box (Best Sluice Box For Fine Gold Recovery)

Every little bit of gold counts, so don’t risk losing the really fine gold. If you’re planning on using a sluice box, make sure you’re using the best sluice box for fine gold recovery.

Features Of The Le Trap River Bobber Sluice Box

  • Le trap sluices are 46″ long and 15″ wide and will hold the finest flour gold as well as large nuggets
  • The sluice can be configured as either a bank robber or a river robber style sluice
  • Sold a a bank robber. If you take a saw and cut the back off the inlet side it becomes a river robber
  • The Le Trap sluice is made of high impact ABS plastic and withstands a lot of wear and tear, but can easily be repaired with abs glue
  • The riffles are two-step with a ramp which allows the sluice to be self-cleaning

4. Compact 30 Sluice Box by Royal

Features Of The Compact 30 Sluice Box

  • Compact and Portable Design; 30″ L x 7″ W and weighs 3.7 Lbs.
  • Removable Flare Stores Neatly Inside Sluice Box
  • Zinc Coated Steel Riffles Over Expanded Aluminum Riffles.
  • 1/16″ Aluminum Body with Black Anodized Carrying Handle.

What makes this sluice box by Royal one of the best compact sluices to own is because of how the flare is designed to unscrew from the sluice and actually fit inside of it for transport and storage.  When the flare is stored, the sluice box is only 24 inches long. That feature alone makes it one of the best sluice boxes.  

When the flare is removed and stored inside the sluice, and at only 2 or 3 pounds max, the entire tool can easily fit inside your back pack or easily be tucked away with your other gold prospecting gear.  

You can even just keep this gold sluice in the trunk of your car or behind the seat of your truck just in case you come across a river or stream you want to quickly run some material through!

5. Compact 24 Mini Sluice Box by Royal

Features Of The Compact 24 Mini Sluice Box By Royal

  • 24″ Long x 7″ Wide x 2.5″ Tall
  • .063″ Aluminum; Lightweight and Portable, 3.2 lbs.
  • Laser-Cut One-Piece Zinc-Plated Steel Riffles and Ribbed Mat
  • 4″ Black Anodized Carry Handle
  • All Hardware Made of Zinc-Plated Steel

This 7 X 24″ compact gold sluice box by Royal is perfect for you if you’re and entree level gold prospector.  The 1 piece laser cut zinc plated riffle and ribbed mat for getting a quick visual of fine gold.  This sluice box also has an integrated 4″ black anodized handle for easy transportation.

What Is A Sluice Box?

A sluice box is a device that can help you recover more gold faster. When you place a gold sluice box in a stream or a river, it uses the water flowing through it to separate the dirt and gravel from the gold. The sluice box then traps the fine gold behind riffles in the bottom of the sluice box.

How Does A Sluice Box Work?

Most gold sluice boxes are made out of lightweight metal and contain a removable riffle tray. The sluice box riffle tray sits on top of a carpet that traps the fine pieces of gold.

When the time comes to clean out your sluice box and collect the gold, you pull out the riffle tray and wash the carpet out inside your bucket. The fine material that was trapped in the carpet will then be in your bucket for you to easily pan out later.

How To Use A Sluice Box To Find Gold

To use a sluice box, just like panning for gold, the first thing you want to do is pick a good location to work the sluice box. Find a place in the stream that is close to the gravel you intend to work.

1. Find A Good Location For Your Sluice Box

Make sure the location you choose to work the sluice box in the stream has a good flow of moving water. You want the current to be strong enough that it can move the lighter gravel and dirt through the sluice box and carry it out the end, while the heavier material stays behind. And you want it just deep enough that the water almost reaches the top of the sluice box.


2. Add The Gravel

Now that the gold sluice box is in position and water is moving nicely through it, it’s time to add the gravel.

Take a scoop or shovel and add the gravel and dirt directly into the front of the sluice box. But be very careful not to overload the box as doing so can cause you to actually lose gold. Add gravel just fast enough that you can see the top edges of the riffles at all times.

3. Remove Large Material

Take time to remove large rocks and other large material that could collect and clog the out-end of the sluice box. And don’t purposefully add large rocks to the sluice. By not removing these larger rocks and other material, they could cut your water flow and knock the gold out of the riffles.


4. Cleaning The Sluice Box

Once you begin to notice a large build up of black sand on the riffles in the box, it’s time to clean gold out the sluice box.

Lift the sluice box out of the water. Be very careful to not lose and of the black sand that is left in the sluice. Take the sluice and dump the black sands into your bucket.  You now have a bucket with concentrates. Take your gold pan and pan the gold out of the concentrates.

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Miners Moss

If you’re planning on using a sluice box any time soon, then you don’t want to forget about grabbing miners moss.  

Don’t lose all that fine gold by not having miners moss on hand. 

Double check to make sure if your gold sluice box comes with a layer of moss. If not, you can pick up a roll here.   

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about wanting to learn how to use a sluice box to collect even more gold, check out this awesome video.  It’s an in depth instructional guide on how to properly set up a sluice box.

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