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Can Geodes Be Found In Pennsylvania?

geodes in pennsylvania

Pennsylvania definitely offers a lot when it comes to dig sites for rockhounds. The state is great for finding lots of different types of rocks and minerals including quartz, petrified wood and many other precious stones. But can you find geodes in Pennsylvania?

The quick answer is, no, not really. Even though there are many other types of rocks and minerals to find in Pennsylvania, geodes just aren’t one of them.

I should say, at least its very uncommon to find them anyway.

What Kind of Rockhounding Can Be Done In Pennsylvania?

If you want to learn about what I’ve found to be some of the best rockhounding sites in Pennsylvania, you should check out my post:

The 5 Best Rockhounding Sites In Pennsylvania

You’ll learn about each of the 5 sites I recommend visiting along with and idea as to what kind of rocks, minerals or fossils you can find at each.

The Echo in Pennsylvania

The Echo in Pennsylvania is an old mine system that was used by coal miners decades ago. The mine has been stripped of all its coal, but the miners left massive deposits of quartz behind. If you’re a seasoned vet, and you want to find large specimens for your collection, you’ll have to check out The Echo. 

It’s free to enter, but you have to take care of your own safety. The area isn’t manned by a safety team or anything. You’ll also need to bring the proper tools for moving around in a mine, and proper rockhounding tools will be necessary to pull the quartz out of the walls. 

The main draw of the location is the size of its quartz. So, don’t expect to pull a variety of different stones out of there. 

The Echo is close to McAdoo, another good rock collecting destination, and it’s fairly easy to find once you enter the town.  I recommend only going as deep as you have to unless you have experience with mine systems.

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