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How To Crack Open A Geode

How to Break Open A GeodeWhether you found a whole, unopened geode, or purchased an intact geode from from a retailer; the real fun of geodes comes in the initial opening of the geode. While museum grade geodes are cut with a high speed water-cooled diamond saw, most amateur rock collectors probably don’t have access to […]

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Where to Find Geodes in Northern California (5 Best Locations)

*Please note that it is ultimately the readers responsibility to verify that the locations and information provided below are accurate before making any plans to visit. Rockhounding in Northern California: Where to Find Geodes and More! 1: Traverse Creek Traverse Creek is a well-known historical landmark that was made famous by William Louis Stifle. After […]

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Rockhounding In Arizona! | Rock Collecting Sites And Much More!

Rockhounding In Arizona! Where To Find Rocks, Gems And Minerals 20+ Rock Collection Sites In Arizona! 20 Collection Sites (more with future updates). GPS Coordinates with links to Google Maps. Step-by-Step Directions Instant PDF File Download to use both on and offline. Access To Rock Seeker Facebook Group! Buy Now! Arizona: One of The Best States For Rockhounding […]

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