Gifts For Rock Collectors And Mineral Lovers: The Ultimate Guide

gifts for rock collectors

Gifts For Rock Collectors And Mineral Lovers: The Ultimate Guide

All of us have at least one loved one that is a rockhound. And even if we don’t have a rockhound in the family, we definitely know someone that is really into rocks and minerals. So whether you’re looking for gifts for rock collectors, geology gifts for children or gift ideas for rock and mineral lovers, you’ll want to make sure you get them something they’ll love. And sometimes that might be easier said then done.

So that’s exactly why I’ve written this post.  I wanted to help make sure you get your rock collector the perfect gift that they’ll love and cherish. So if you’re looking for help in finding the perfect gifts for rock collectors and mineral lovers, keep on reading!

Gifts For Rock Collectors

gift ideas for rock collectors and mineral lovers
A rock tumbler is the perfect gift idea for rock collectors


National Geographic Rock Tumbler

A rock tumbler is the perfect gift for rock and mineral lovers. And the National Geographic Rock Tumbler is a great option to give to your rockhound without breaking the bank.

This rock tumbler is one of the most affordable high quality rock tumblers available. The high quality metal rock tumbler has a powerful motor, noise reducing leak-proof barrel and comes backed by a 2-year warranty.

For a more in depth look at the National Geographic Rock Tumbler, read my post, The Best Rock Tumbler For Beginners: Take Your Hobby To The Next Level.

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 best gift ideas for rock collectors rockhounds and mineral lovers

Heavy Duty Hammer Holder

A leather hammer holder is the perfect gift idea for rock collectors. Every serious rockhound uses a rock hammer while out in the field. The only problem is, what do they do with their rock hammer when they’re not using it?  The fact is, the majority of geologists and rockhounds throw it on the ground.  Because of this, many rockhounds have lost their hammers simply by leaving it behind.

With this heavy duty leather hammer holder, your rock collector will never lose their rock hammer again. The hammer holder attaches to a belt up to 3 inches wide and provides a permanent place to hold the hammer while not in use.

This professional grade rock hammer holder is made from durable premium leather which forms to the tool for the perfect fit. This perfect gift for rock collectors can be used by right or left handed rockhounds and features an anti-catch front.  This rock hammer holder is built to last a liftetime.

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gifts for rock collectors and mineral lovers

Stansport Musette Bag

The Stansport Musette Bag is another perfect gift idea for rock collectors and is an excellent choice for rock collecting.  This bag is used, and is even described as “perfect” by some, as being large enough to hold a rockhounds essential tools such as a field identification book, a rock chisel, rock hammer, small sledge hammer and a loupe.  In addition to there being ample room for tools, there is also room in this bag for the rock collectors specimens.

This perfect rockhound gift is made of heavy weight canvas duck with canvas straps that secures the front flap. In addition to the main compartment, there is an exterior side pocket on each side which features a snap closure.

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rock hammers are good gifts for rock collectors

Rock Hammers

A rock hammer makes an excellent gift for rock collectors. That’s because every serious rockhound uses one…frequently! And if your rockhound doesn’t currently own a good quality rock hammer, then this will make the perfect gift for rock collectors.

The Estwing Rock Picks all have bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grips which offer both comfort and durability by reducing vibrations caused by impact. The head and handle are forged in one piece and have a fully polished head. These Estwing rock hammers are the first choice for geologists and paleontologists all around the world.

For a more in depth look at other rock hammers, check out my post, The Best Rock Hammer For Amateur Geologists and Beginner Rockhounds.

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Geology Gifts For Children

Not every rock collector we’re looking for gifts for are adults.  Here is a list of some excellent ideas for geology gifts for children…or at least those rock collectors who are children at heart!



gifts for rock collectors and geology gifts for children

Adventure Station Diggin Geology

The Adventure Station Diggin Geology kit is the perfect geology gift for children. It provides an excellent safe and educational way for young rockhounds to discover what is is to be a real rock collector.

Many users of the Adventure Station have stated that it is a great way to take kids outdoors where they will have a blast exploring! Included in the Adventure Station is a real geologists rock pick and hammer as well as 9 pieces of gemstones, arrowheads and fossils.

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geology gifts for children and rock collectors

Geode Starter Rock Science Kit

This awesome geode starter rock science kit lets kids crack open real geodes and discover the crystals inside! Cracking open geodes is a blast for everyone, regardless of age, and is a great way to start a rock collection.

The Geode Starter kit makes the perfect geology gift for children because it comes with 4 premium geodes, safety goggles, in informational guide, display stands and an activity book  with 10 additional puzzles, games and challenges.

This starter science kit includes 4 real geodes from 2 different mines so that you can discover a variety of crystal formations.

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geology gift for kids make good gifts for rock collectors

ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection

Still looking for the perfect geology gift for children? The Rock On Geology Game not only makes a great gift for rock collectors, but also doubles as a rock collection in and of itself.

It’s an American made product which includes a rock and mineral collection consisting of 18 specimens.  In addition to the rock and mineral collection, it also includes over 40 polished rocks that you can use as markers for the game.

The game includes player cards, a colored rock guide as well as 18 educational rock  cards. The cards are full of fun and interesting geology facts.

The Rock On Geology Game includes five levels of play for up to six players.  It comes in a convenient carrying case with an easy to grip handle, which makes it easy to take with you on trips.

Take a look at my earlier post, Rock On Geology Game: The Best Rock Game For Kids, where I take a much closer look and provide further details about game.

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