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Heart Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Mining Company

I love geodes. I love looking for them, and I love cracking them open.

I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a little kid. I’ll never forget my best friend in 1st grade had an amethyst geode proudly displayed on his dresser.

Back then I had no idea what it was, other than an unassuming regular looking rock on one side and full of freaking awesome purple crystals on the inside!

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For the life of me I couldn’t imagine how such a regular looking rock could hold such incredible treasure.

Then I remember just thinking, “How many rocks have I found that have treasures like this inside?” 🤣

Now, of course, I know it’s just not as simple as that. To find geodes, you have to go looking for them. You have to go where you know they exist….to known geode beds.

But take a look at what workers from Uruguay Minerals recently found! The workers discovered the amazing amethyst quartz geode in their quarry on the border of Uruguay and Brazil.

Miners Find Heart-Shaped Geode from r/pics

According to My Modern Met, who had the opportunity to interview the mining company, “The miners had no idea that they were about to discover this lovely geode; in fact, they were struggling to get the excavation going. “We were opening the mine to work normally,” Marcos Lorenzelli of Uruguay Minerals tells My Modern Met, “but the land was difficult to work and our employees said, ‘We have to find something really nice due to the hard work we are doing.’” Their patience was rewarded with this once-in-a-lifetime find.

According to, the heart shaped geode is for sale and they’ve already received a bid of $120,000!

If you’re interested in seeing if it’s still available for sale, and to see more photos of the geode, you can check out Uruguay Minerals website.

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