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How Much Are Geodes Worth? (And Where To Sell Them)

How Much Are Geodes Worth? Plus Tips For Determining Geodes Value

A man went geode hunting on a private dig site and at the end of the day came returned to the main office with a bucket full of geodes that he collected around the property.

But inside one of those buckets was a geode quite a bit larger than all the others. The geode was probably 5 inches in diameter, while most of the other geodes he’d collected that day were between golf ball size and tennis ball size.

The owners of the dig site offered to crack open the geodes for him as part of the dig experience. Together they cracked open the geodes he had found.  Each of them displaying beautiful hidden displays of quartz and calcite crystals.

Finally, they came to the largest of the geodes in his bucket. The site owner cracked open the large geode and carefully separated to two halves exposing a beautiful display of smokey quartz and a large clear calcite crystal

Once they could see the ancient contents of the geode, they both could tell it was different. Immediately, the owner of the dig site offered the man $400 dollars for the geode. He would buy it from the collector on the spot.

Thinking he had something much more valuable, the collector turned down the offer and walked away that day believing he was in possession of a rare geode that was worth at least $400…probably more.

But was the geode really worth $400? Or was this the game the site owner liked to play with guests to the dig site to make them walk away believing they were in possession of something special?

How Much Are Geodes Worth?

You might have found yourself in a similar situation. Perhaps being offered a nice sum of money for one of your special geodes, or perhaps your entire collection, only to turn the offer down because you felt it was worth much more.

Well don’t fret, you’re not alone. But unfortunately, our emotional value of the geodes we own don’t factor into what the geodes actual monetary value is.  

So how are you supposed to know what your geode is worth then? Well, here’s a great place to start to see how much geodes might go for in the real world.

According to, the value of a geode “…depends on what’s inside. Large amethyst geodes can go for thousands. Baseball sized geodes with non-spectacular quartz or calcite crystals can be purchased for $4-$12. Geodes with uncommon minerals that are sold on mineral auction sites range in price from $30-$500. Golf ball sized geodes, uncracked, are sold for about $2 at shows.”

Do any of those prices line up with what you might have been told before?

What Determines The Value Of A Geode?

The fact is, there’s quite a bit that goes into determining what a geode is worth. Some of those things are:

  • What kind of crystals are found inside the geode
  • Scarcity of the minerals inside the geode
  • Symmetry of the geode
  • Condition of the geode
  • Is the geode cracked or intact
  • Overall weight of the geode

The Most Expensive Geodes

For example, some of the most expensive and valuable are amethyst geodes. Just take a look on some of the online geode marketplaces and you’ll see right away that amethyst geodes are worth quite a bit. Some ranging well into the thousands of dollars!

Although there is no official grading system for geodes, some buyers have published what exactly it is that they look for before making an offer on a specimen.

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How The Experts Determine A Geodes Value

Robert Evans, certified gemologist from says this when it comes to grading amethyst geodes and assigning value.

“An amethyst geode is priced much like a colored gemstone. The tone and saturations of the amethyst crystal being the most important factor in determining its price.

The crystals displaying the deepest purple tones with strong color saturation are considered superior geodes. The quality decreases as the amethyst crystals lose their saturation and become lighter purple or reddish-purple hues.

The second factor used in grading is the symmetry or the outside shape of the geode itself. The most symmetrical geodes command the best prices.

The third factor used is its weight vs its dimension…the proportion of the geode crystal viewing area to its weight. Since geodes are priced by weight, after grading its color and symmetry, a geode with very thick sidewalls or an extra heavy base would be downgraded since the extra weight is not adding anything to its beauty. Yet the weight is still being sold to consumer.

Very thick walls and base decrease the area or the “window” of the amethyst crystal field.”

You can visit their website for more information on grading geodes at

Where To Sell Your Geodes

If you think you have a geode that might be worth something and you’d like to cash out and sell it, here’s a list of online businesses that buy and sell minerals and gemstones, including geodes.

Tips For Selling Geodes

Chances are, when you decide to sell your geode, you’ll do so online. So it’s critical that you take excellent quality pictures of your geode. To take a quality picture of a geode or other gemstone or mineral, it’s best to do so outside on an overcast day with natural lighting.

Do not use your flash and allow the natural outdoor lighting showcase the crystals brilliance. It’s also a good idea to think about what backdrop you’ll use. Try to use a backdrop that’s neutral in color and does not have any pattern to it. Patterns and bright colors will distract from the beauty of the geode.

Next, you want to make sure you write a thorough description of the geode that you’re trying to sell. Be sure to include the main things that buyers are looking for, such as the overall weight, dimensions of the geode, type of crystals as well as condition of the geode. Also include information regarding the background or history you might possess about the geode, such as when it was found and where you found it.

Final Thoughts

So, how much are geodes worth? Short answer, it depends. The best thing you can do to accurately determine a geodes value is to take it to a professional certified gem appraiser. If you don’t have access to an appraiser where you live, a quick search on the internet should provide you with a number of appraisers. There’re plenty of people interested in buying and selling geodes. So much so that finding someone to give you a fair market value of your geode should not be difficult to do.

Good luck!

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