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Make Your Own Rock Tumbling Grit Substitute

DIY rock tumbling grit substitute make your own tumbling medium

Make Your Own Rock Tumbling Grit Substitute

Rock tumbling is an excellent hobby for both children and adults alike. The beautiful gemstones you create with rock tumbling can be turned into jewelry or just simply displayed in a rock display case for the world to enjoy. 

Unfortunately, getting started in the rock polishing hobby can be cost prohibitive for many people. A good quality rock tumbler can cost you anywhere from $100 all the way up to $300. In addition, You also need to buy rock tumbling grit to get to the nice polished look you want. For a look at the best rock tumblers that are high quality and reasonably priced, read my review on these rock tumblers.

For those of you that are looking to cut costs, there are options when it comes to finding a rock tumbling grit substitute, so as not to break the bank.

Is There A Good Substitute For Rock Tumbling Grit?

It is possible to make your own rock tumbling grit substitute. It requires a lot of time and work because it is necessary to bring the homemade tumbling medium to an even consistency.  In order obtain that consistency, you need to use screens to filter the material as you go.

The biggest danger in not having an even and consistent tumbling grit is the potential of scratches. Having even one large grain with your finer blend will result in unwanted markings and scratches.

What’s Rock Tumbling Grit Made Out Of?

Commercial rock tumbling grit is made out of silicon carbide. This is the best tumbling media or “tumbling grit” for rocks.

The first thing many people consider using when looking for a substitute tumbling grit is sand. The problem with sand is that it is too soft.  Sand generally has a hardness of 7 to 7.5 of the mohs scale of hardness.  Whereas silicon carbide is significantly harder at 9 to 9.5 on the mohs scale.

The rocks you are tumbling, like quartz, amethyst and almost all other types of rocks are 7 or above on the mohs scale. You could literally tumble for months and not see any change at all in the way your rocks look.

How to Make Your Own Rock Tumbling Grit

There are people that have experimented with making their own rock tumbling grit substitute. Some of which work fine, and others that do not work at all. The key is to get out there and experiment.

Since it’s difficult to match the hardness of silicon carbide, the biggest downsides to making your own grit is that it will take longer to polish than regular grit as well the potential of unwanted scratches by having grit that’s not consistent.

First Stage/ Rough Grit Substitute

For the first stages of rock tumbling, where more rough grit is required, try these substitutes. Keep in mind that the entire process will take a couple weeks longer than if you were using commercial rock tumbling grit.  And remember to never overfill your tumbler!

  • Silica sand. This can work as a substitute grit. The process will take a couple weeks longer than commercial rock tumbling grit. Silica sand can be found at your local sandblasting company.
  • Sinterblast is an economical brown sintered aluminum oxide blasting grit. Sinterblast is gaining in popularity and is also recyclable. It comes in 30, 36 and 60 grades.
  • Ask a sandblaster near you for other ideas you can use as a rock tumbling medium.

Polishing Stage/ Fine Grit Substitute

A homemade rock tumbling grit substitute mixture you can experiment with is a mixture of flour,sand,salt,and fine crushed rocks.  I’m not sure how well this mixture would work, but I’m doubtful it would be very effective.  The only way to find out would be to try it!

Rock Tumbling Plastic Pellet Substitute

During the polishing/finishing stage, try experimenting with these substitutes for plastic pellets. These fillers will protect your stones from scratching each other as they tumble.

  • Cut up rubber bands
  • pea-sized river stones
  • Cornmeal
  • Sawdust or wood shavings

Not Ready To Make Your Own Rock Tumbler Grit?

Not quite ready to tackle making your own rock tumbler grit? That’s not a problem.  Below are two of my top choices of tumbling medium you can get, that won’t break the bank. Both of these are excellent choices for all levels of rock tumblers.

What Is The Best Rock Tumbler Grit?

1. Polly Plastics Rock Tumbler Tumbling Media

best rock tumbler grit for rock tumblers

2. National Geographic Grit Refill for Rock Tumbler

best rock tumbler grit for rock tumblers and rock polishers

Best Plastic Filler Pellets For Rock Tumblers

Maybe you already have the tumbling grit you need for your rock tumbler, and just need the plastic filler pellets.  If that’s the case here is the best plastic filler pellets for rock tumblers that I’ve been able to find.

There are lots of plastic filler pellets available, and you would probably do fine with any of them, but the Evostrom Polypropylene plastic filler pellets give you the most pellets for your dollar.

Evostrom Polypropylene Plastic Filler Pellets

best plastic filler pellets for rock tumbler


Like many of you, I don’t have a ton of extra money just sitting around that I can spend on my rock collection and rock tumbling hobby.

So for those of you that are like me, I put together a post where I take a close look at the rock tumblers that Harbor Freight make.   The post is called Harbor Freight Rock Tumbler Review: The Best Economical Rock Polisher.  Harbor Freight has come through for me on a pinch more than once.  And they don’t fail on me here either!

 Have you experimented with making your own rock tumbling grit substitute? Let us know what worked and what didn’t work for you.  Leave a comment below and let us know what we can use as our own DIY grit!

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DIY rock tumbling grit

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