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Show State Pride With These Metal Rockhounding Signs!

vintage distressed metal rockhounding sign

Show Off Your State Pride With This Metal Rockhounding Sign!

vintage distressed metal rockhounding sign

Not too long ago, I came across these handmade metal rockhounding signs made by the awesome folks over at Alamazookie, and I had to get my hands on one to check it out for myself. And all I can say is that I absolutely love these signs. And because you get to have your very own state printed on them, it makes you feel that much more proud to display it where everyone can see it. And in the short time I’ve had my sign displayed at my house, it’s doubled as a great conversation starter (an unexpected bonus!)

Here’s What These Rockhounding Signs Are All About…

Regardless of what state you live in, Alamazookie will print any state you want onto your metal sign. As you can see in the pictures, the name of my home state , Oregon, is proudly displayed in large font on the top of the sign. And below it is a graphic of the state itself.  

And the great news is, regardless of what state you live in, you can have yours proudly displayed on your own sign!  Even if your state isn’t listed on the Amazon page, Alamazookie has the capability of printing any state, and is always adding more to their list.

vintage metal rockhounding sign

Available On Amazon

The dimensions of the sign are 12” x 12”  and are made out of solid 24 gauge steel. This makes them much more sturdy than you would expect. When I opened up my package, I somewhat expected the sign to be flimsy like many of the other metal signs I’ve had in the past. But not this one. This metal sign was rigid and sturdy and you could tell immediately that it was built with quality construction.  

The metal sign arrived to my house well protected from damage and was in perfect condition without one scratch or dent. This is a result of the sign being wrapped in a protective plastic cover before being being shipped. The delivery package had a large “Do Not Bend” sticker on it, ensuring safe delivery. 

In all four corners of the sign are small pre-drilled holes, making it incredibly easy to mount. And as you can see in the pictures, the style of the graphics have a nice vintage retro feel to them, which kind of give the impression that the sign is antique. However, if you simply prefer to lean the sign against the wall and not use the holes for mounting, the pre-drilled holes are small enough that they’re even really noticeable and do not distract from the overall graphic on the sign at all.

Who Is This Rockhounding Sign For?

So who exactly is this metal rockhounding sign for? Us! That’s who! If you’re reading this, then there’s definitely some part of you that loves collecting rocks and other geological treasures. Maybe you’re a geode hound or always on the hunt for fossils, either way this is a sign you can proudly display at your home or office (that’s my plan) or even to hang at your local rock and gem club gathering space.

The other thing these rockhounding signs are perfect for are gifts for other rockhounds.  If you’re looking for a good gift idea for someone who loves rockhounding, you’ve found it with this sign.  They won’t be dissapointed!

Customer Service

If you can’t already tell, I love these signs. I love the graphics on it. I love the quality.  I love the fact that it gets compliments in my home. But what’s more…is the awesome communication I experienced with the folks at Alamazookie. The fact that all of my inquiries regarding their product were answered almost immediately, speaks volumes. These guys clearly take pride in their product and that shows in their customer service…a trait that is all too rare these days.  Maybe that’s because the people at Alamazookie are rockhounds themselves!

Final Thoughts

I’m planning on hanging my “Oregon Rockhound” sign up at work, and I can’t wait for the conversations that it’s going to start! If you want a sign, or want to give one as a gift, just follow the link below, and it’ll take you to the Alamazookie Amazon page.  There you can see these signs as well as all of the other cool things these guys make.

One other thing I want to point out that I think you guys might be interested in are the T-shirts they make. If you like the design of the signs, they also print the same one on they’re t-shirts. So don’t miss out on those either!

Show State Pride With Your Own Rockhounding Sign!

metal rockhounding sign

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