Why The Sand Dipper Is The Best Beach Scoop: 5 Reasons To Own One

best beach sand scoop sand dipper for beachcombing and rock collectin

Why The Sand Dipper Is The Best Beach Scoop: 5 Reasons To Own One


We spend hours walking creeks and beaches looking for hidden treasures.  How much of that time do we spend bending over to pick up things to look at?  Countless! We do it over and over again. We do it until our backs begin to hurt!

How nice would it be to be able to pick that rock or seashell up to take a look at it without ever bending over again?

Believe it or not, but it’s possible. Recently, I was introduced to a new rockhounding slash beachcombing tool that will allow you to do just that. It’s called the Sand Dipper.

How The Sand Dipper Works

This video demonstrates how the Sand Dipper works.

What Is A Sand Dipper?

The Sand Dipper is a stainless steel ‘basket’ scoop that’s attached to a telescoping aluminum rod.  All you have to do is extend the pole out to your desired length, scoop up your rock or seashell and the wire mesh basket strains out the sand and dirt.  All that’s left is your rock, seashell or other object you wanted to pick up!  And you never had to bend over to get it!

best beach sand scoop mesh basket strains sand sand dipper scoop sand dipper jr
credit: sanddipper.com

And that’s just one reason to take a Sand Dipper beach scoop with you on your next rock or seashell collecting adventure.  Whether you’re strolling the beach looking for shark teeth, fossils, sea glass or seashells, a Sand Dipper beach sand scoop is going to make your time on the beach or along the creek so much more enjoyable.

sand dipper beach scoop and sand dipper jr the best beach sand scoop

why use the best beach sand scoop sand dipper jr and sand dipper scoop
credit: sanddipper.com

The Sand Dipper

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5 More Reasons You Should Use A Sand Dipper


1. The Sand Dipper Will Save Your Back

“I don’t go to the beach without this! Saves my back!”

Have back problems?  Unfortunately, many of us have such sore backs that it’s too difficult to simply bend over to pick up a rocks and seashells anymore.  Let alone trying to do this over and over again for hours at a time.

Fortunately, we no longer have to sacrifice our backs to get at those seashells and rocks.  According to one Sand Dipper user, it’s “Just what the doctor ordered. Don’t have to bend over any more and I’m able to reach that beautiful piece of sea glass that would normally be out of reach.”

Time and time again I’ve heard and read about people that would otherwise not be able to do what they love because of their sore backs.  

Back problems are debilitating to put it lightly.  How nice would it be to get outside, walk the beach and start collecting again!

2. Get To Those Hard To Reach Spots With The Sand Dipper

“I’m able to reach that beautiful piece of sea glass that would normally be out of reach”

There’s no question that the Sand Dipper beach sand scoop is perfect for scooping up seashells. But even more, since this telescoping beach sand scoop extends from 34 inches all the way up to 64 inches, it lets you reach into the surf and get really far in between those rocks and crevices.  Beachcombers who use this tool are consistently reaching shells and other treasures they would otherwise be forced to leave alone.


3. Don’t Get Wet With The Sand Dipper

“…this is the best tool for picking up sea shells in and out of the water.”

Maybe you’re trying to reach that perfect shell that’s just a little too deep.  Perhaps you’re a rock collector or arrowhead hunter and see the perfect artifact in a creek, but it’s too deep to get to.  With a Sand Dipper beach scoop, all you have to do is extend the handle to 64 inches, reach out and grab what you’re after!…no more wading out into the water and getting wet shoes!

4.Sand Dipper Doubles As a Walking Stick

“…I also use it as a walking stick as I walk along the shore.”

If you find yourself needing a little assistance while walking on the beach or on the gravel bar near the creek, use your Sand Dipper as a walking stick. Many people use it to help stabilize themselves and increase their mobility!  Now you can safely walk along the beach and pick up those beautiful seashells and sea glass that are just lying at your feet…without skipping a beat!

To use the Sand Dipper as a walking stick, simply unscrew the wire basket and extend the stick to a comfortable length suitable for you.

With the ability to extend up to 64 inches, even tall people will find the Sand Dipper a useful walking stick.  This is one of the reasons the Sand Dipper scoop is the best beach sand scoop.


5. Sand Dipper Doubles As a Kitty Litter Scoop

“…reaching the cat litter box without bending over, it is a life saver! Even if I did NOT have back problems I would love the convenience of not having to get on my hands and knees to scoop the litterbox.”

The Sand Dipper makes an excellent telescoping kitty litter scoop! Like I mentioned earlier, there’s no longer a reason to bend over anymore, even to clean out the kitty litter box.  As a cat owner, this tool can be a lifesaver.  I’ve heard more than one person mention that if it wasn’t for the Sand Dipper, they would probably have to find a new home for their cat because they can no longer bend down to clean the litter box.

People absolutely love their cats, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy feline companionship just because you have a bad back.

No longer is there a need to get down on your hands and knees next to a litter box just to clean it out. Now you can get the job done by standing the entire time.

If you find that the standard Sand Dipper sand scoop is too long at 34 inches, the Sand Dipper Jr. is also available. The Sand Dipper Jr. is shorter at 29 inches but also has the capability of extending to 41 inches.

The Sand Dipper Jr.

sand dipper jr the best kitty litter scoop sand dipper scoop is the best beach sand scoop
credit: sanddipper.com

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Why The Sand Dipper And Sand Dipper Jr. Are The Best Beach Sand Scoops


  • They are made from tough materials and built specifically for the beach and salt water. The pole is made out of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel components. The basket is also made out of stainless steel.  These are built to last.

the sand dipper scoop is the best beach sand scoop and sand dipper jr

  • Both of these beach sand scoops are lightweight and compact. They easily come apart and break down to 22 inches making it very easy to pack into luggage.
sand dipper beach sand scoop collapses down for easy travel sand dipper scoop
credit: sanddipper.com
  • The handle is made for comfort and excellent grip.  It’s made out of cork and is shaped to hit perfectly into your hand. Attached to the handle is an adjustable strap that easily fits around your wrist. This allows for a hands free option when needed.  Just simply let go of the handle and the strap will prevent it from falling!

beach sand scoop handle on the sand dipper scoop

  • The Sand Dipper and Sand Dipper Jr. both come with a 1 year warranty. This company is proud of their product and stands behind it 100%. They state that if anything happens to your Sand Dipper within 1 year of purchase, they’ll replace it at absolutely no cost to you!

How’s that for customer service!  Here’s what other people have mentioned regarding Sand Dipper Customer service:

“…the company responded to the problem immediately (on the weekend, no less) and sent replacement parts right away. The Sand Dipper will be a companion on our future trips to the coast.”

“mega-kudos to Gordon & The Sand Dipper Team for allowing me to exchange the Junior Dipper to the regular Sand Dipper when the Jr. was just not long enough for me. The great customer support is refreshing to discover these days.”

“Did have a small issue that Customer Service handled ASAP. An exceptional gadget and quick and easy Customer Service…..now that is PERFECTION!”

Where To Use The Sand Dipper


Beachcombing: Easily pick up seashells, agates, and fossils from the beach.

Rock Collecting: Reach out and grab rocks lying in the creek or river.

Hunting Arrowheads: Use the telescoping feature to scoop up arrowheads lying in creeks.

On The Golf Course: Use as a golf ball retriever and retrieve golf balls lost in water hazards.

At Home:  Never bend over again while cleaning out the kitty litter box.


How To Get Your Own Sand Dipper

Are you ready to have your own Sand Dipper beach scoop? You can buy them right here at Amazon.  Here are the Sand Dipper and Sand Dipper Jr in various colors that are currently available.